Biomasys Chief Technology Officer Nusrat Rouf discusses HealtiPreg and potential collaboration with governments to combat maternal mortality.

When she decided to choose Biochemistry & Biotechnology as her majors back in 2012, she found that these subjects were quite uncommon compared to business-based majors like Economics, Accounting, Finance, etc. Unfortunately, very few people had sufficient ideas about life science related subjects and were clueless about the job opportunities in those fields, especially for women.

This is how Nusrat Rouf, a life sciences visionary who is aiming to revolutionise the maternal aspect of the healthcare sector, described her pursuit with biotech-related subjects when she started her undergraduate studies in North South University eight years ago. 

With her start-up venture, Biomarker Systems (Biomasys), Nusrat has set her sights on bringing a miscarriage diagnostic device called “HealtiPreg” that facilitates early detection of biological conditions that may cause miscarriages and premature births – giving pregnant women a chance at preventing it.

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