Biomasys co-founder recognised as one of the top 10 promising entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

Speaking of successful young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh often bring to mind popular names like Hussain M Elius (Pathao), Adnan Imtiaz ( and Ayman Sadiq (10 minute school). These individuals, along with select others, have been leading the tech scene either in capital investment, recognition and/or their vast number of service users. However, right behind them are a group of silently rising entrepreneurs in their own, specialized fields. This September, our writers Melissa Alves, Brittany Christian and Michael Shlega at Millennial Things Network conducted interviews and dug up statistics, to feature the following 10 promising entrepreneurs for our 2020 list. The list below is in no particular order, and the metrics used to screen candidates was based on one or a combination of the following: novelty of business idea in the given market, high-value clientele, sales, capacity to raise capital investment and/or the rate of growth in terms of production/services, sales or clients served.

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