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Company Profile

We are developing technology that applies Artificial Intelligence and novel protocols in Biomarker detection for this purpose, with a founding team of well credentialed and highly motivated biomedical science researchers who hail from Nigeria and Bangladesh and have received postgraduate degrees from the Universities of Cambridge, Manchester and Ilorin. Our research experience includes rapid diagnostic device development for tuberculosis, cost effective methods of sex chromosome anomaly detection (for Swyer syndrome) and the use of AI in improving detection of early-onset triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC).

Our Solution

Our pioneer product is targeted at maternal care sector of healthcare. We have invented a diagnostic device that facilitates early detection of biological conditions that may cause miscarriages and preterm births (colloquially called premature births), thus, giving pregnant women a chance at preventing it.

The A Team

Mkpouto Udo Pius

Chief Executive Officer

David Ejim

Chief Operations Officer

Nusrat Rouf

Chief Technology Officer

Our Partners

News & Event

Biomasys Chief Technology Officer Nusrat Rouf discuses HealtiPreg and potential collaboration with governments to combat maternal mortality.

Biomasys accepted into the prestigious Accelerate programme at the University of Cambridge.

Biomasys co-founder recognised as one of the top 10 promising entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

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