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We are developing technology that applies Artificial Intelligence and novel protocols in Biomarker detection for this purpose, with a founding team of well credentialed and highly motivated biomedical science researchers who hail from Nigeria and Bangladesh and have received postgraduate degrees from the Universities of Cambridge, Manchester and Ilorin. Our research experience includes rapid diagnostic device development for tuberculosis, cost effective methods of sex chromosome anomaly detection (for Swyer syndrome) and the use of AI in improving detection of early-onset triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC).

Our Solution

Our pioneer product is targeted at maternal care sector of healthcare. We have invented a diagnostic device that facilitates early detection of biological conditions that may cause miscarriages and preterm births (colloquially called premature births), thus, giving pregnant women a chance at preventing it. Globally, 123 million women get pregnant each year with the American Pregnancy Association (APA) estimating that miscarriages occur in 10 to 20% of all pregnancies. The WHO estimates that every year, 15 million babies are born preterm (before 37 completed weeks of gestation), and this number is rising with some estimates predicting that soon as many as 18% of all births will be preterm. As such, the total addressable market for our device is huge and chronically underserved. With two of our cofounders being women and all three of us having experienced angst when loved ones went through disease conditions and trauma preventable by early detection/diagnosis, the mission to provide rapid, affordable diagnostics is very personal to us.

The A Team

Mkpouto Udo Pius

Chief Executive Officer

Mkpouto Pius is a Gates Cambridge Scholar pursuing an MPhil in Genomic Medicine at the University of Cambridge. She holds a Masters in Biotechnology and Enterprise from the University of Manchester where she was sponsored by the Nigerian Government as a Petroleum Technology Development Fund Scholar. Her undergraduate education was at the University of Calabar, Nigeria where she received a BSc in Genetics and Biotechnology, emerging as the Valedictorian of the 2015 graduating class. She has conducted research on algorithmic methods for diagnostic parameter improvement, early-onset triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), expression of respiratory proteins in cell models in vitro and Naturopathic medicines. Asides her interest in health and well-being, she is a foremost advocate for the rights of marginalized people. A cofounder of Voice of Reason Nigeria, and Founder of She-In-Charge foundation, she has led the charge of women empowerment and sought an end to regressive customs like female genital mutilation across Southern Nigeria. Beyond academia, healthcare and activism she is an avid traveller and a well decorated debater and public speaker who has represented university of Cambridge at the World University Debating championships. She believes Biomasys can be a catalyst for accelerating Africa’s development, contributing to solving the pertinent Biotechnology needs of our time. Mkpouto Udo Pius is the Chief Executive Officer of Biomasys.

David Ejim

Chief Operations Officer

David Ejim is a researcher, administrator and Communications expert. With 10 years of competitive speaking & judging experience which includes coaching the Debate and Public Speaking Club of the University of Ilorin Nigeria, teaching debate and public speaking across Cameroon, Ghana, Uganda, and the Gambia, David is an institution of African Debate and Public Speaking. Highlights of his administrative experience include three years in the service of the University of Ilorin as an Administrator in the Student Affairs Unit, two years at the Pan African Universities Debate Council serving as Secretary then Chairperson of the Council, establishing his research and writing consultancy business Archive Solutions and also cofounding Voice of Reason, a Youth focussed NGO for which he served as its Executive Director for three years. David holds a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the University of Calabar and has completed studies for the award of a Masters in Medical and Veterinary Microbiology from the University of Ilorin. His research interests have included seroepidemiological studies of endemic infectious diseases like Cholera in Calabar, the study of co-infections and their effects on disease virulence and the pharmacological potential of the Rubiaceae, Cremaspora Triflora. He is a member of the following professional bodies: Association of Nigerian University Professional Administrators, Nigerian Society of Microbiology, Nigerian Institute of Management, Nigerian Society of Experimental Biology, Microbiology Society United Kingdom and the Nigerian Bioinformatics and Genomics Network. He is hoping to leverage his public speaking chops, scientific fluency and administrative experience to ensure maximum efficiency in Biomasys operations.

Nusrat Rouf

Chief Technology Officer

Nusrat Rouf holds a First class from the University of Manchester, United Kingdom for her Masters in Biotechnology & Enterprise. She also received a First class (equivalent) from North South University, Dhaka, Bangladesh for her Bachelors in Biochemistry & Biotechnology receiving numerous citations for her research and academic prowess. She has extensive research experience in Biomarker development for diseases like Tuberculosis, Pneumonia and Chorioamnionitis and has been involved in the conceptualisation of diagnostic devices, their manufacturing and optimisation. Her work on projects like EGOFET Biosensors and the creation of TuberFAST for the Geneva Challenge 2019 as well her cost optimisation work whilst a Research Assistant at NSU Bangladesh bear out her belief in our motto of rapid, affordable diagnostics. She is skilled at a variety of bioscience technologies such as Genome engineering, recombinant DNA technology and has training on patents analysis and drafting. Nusrat has served as a project leader to raise funds for cancer afflicted children and is very passionate about Job creation especially with the goal of mentoring young girls to pursue careers in STEM. Outside her love for health technology and volunteering she is very passionate about painting, loves making sketches, dabbled at high school debating and is a classically trained dancer. She is set to resume PhD studies at the University of Cambridge in January 2021. Nusrat Zahan Rouf is the Chief Technology Officer of Biomasys.

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Biomasys Chief Technology Officer Nusrat Rouf discuses HealtiPreg and potential collaboration with governments to combat maternal mortality.

When she decided to choose Biochemistry & Biotechnology as her majors back in 2012, she found that these subjects were quite uncommon compared to business-based majors like Economics, Accounting, Finance, etc. Unfortunately, very few people had sufficient ideas about life science related subjects and were clueless about the job opportunities in those fields, especially for women. This is how Nusrat Rouf, a life sciences visionary who is aiming to revolutionise the maternal aspect of the healthcare sector, described her pursuit with biotech-related subjects when she started her undergraduate studies in North South University eight years ago.

Biomasys accepted into the prestigious Accelerate programme at the University of Cambridge.

Since the 1970s, Cambridge entrepreneurs have created over 1,500 companies, with combined revenues of £12bn. Accelerate Cambridge as part of that ecosystem is an opportunity for us to advance our mission of providing rapid, affordable diagnostics for underserved health markets.

Biomasys co-founder recognised as one of the top 10 promising entrepreneurs in Bangladesh.

Nusrat Rouf is the Chief Technology Officer and among one of three co-founders of Biomasys, a new biotech start-up based in Delaware, United States, with a mission to offer rapid, affordable, and easy-to-use diagnostics for the sake of maternal health of those who can not. Rouf brought with her a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry & Biotechnology from North South University in Bangladesh and a Master’s in Biotechnology & Enterprise from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. Her research experience is in Biomarker developments for the conception of diagnostic devices. She met the now-CEO of Biomasys at the University of Manchester while working on a project.

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